industrial automation

Automation For Food Processing

Our extensive automation also plays major role in Food processing automation.

  • Here we control steam pressure at required level.
  • The Food Pouches are sterilized at maximum of 121° C by the help of a PID/PLC controller.
  • The F0 Value is to be maintained for some time to get maximum sterilization.
  • All pressure valves and steam temperature are maintained in this Panel.

Automation For Batching System

  • We design and manufacture Control Desk with fiber glass or acrylic mimic diagrams.
  • These are completely equipped with annunciation equipment and are designed and manufactured for all types of Process Control Industries.
  • These control desks can be offered on custom basis also.
  • With auto-manual options, we offer a wide range of customized control desks panels.
  • The control desks are used to control the operation of individual machinery or plants.
  • Our range of Control Desks are designed as per international rules and norms and are customized as per clients requirements.
  • All control components like push buttons, indicators, MMI, computer, etc. are part of control desk.
  • The field instruments can be controlled from the desk to operate from DCS/MMI/PLC.

Process Control Automation

Process Control Systems / Factory Automation Whether it’s designing a new general manufacturing or factory automation system, modifying an existing one, or integrating a single component piece, Ritchie Automation strives to improve efficiency, increase productivity, and reduce floor space usage. We're recognized leaders in providing turnkey automation solutions, able to implement general application process controls such as:

  • Pick & place systems
  • Paint Robots
  • Part tracking
  • Feed systems
  • Automated loading/unloading
  • Conveyor systems
  • Automated assembly

Our process control systems feature the latest in automated control software, process monitoring, and parts tracking, able to execute specific procedures based on the detected size and shape of inserted parts. Real-time data from our automation processes is captured for later analysis, providing you with useful information for further optimization.

Automation For Water Treatment

Sharptrax specializes in water Treatment Automation

  • Excellent expertise in PLC Control panel and MCC Panels for your entire control requirement.
  • Remote Monitoring is also available through our highly communicative PLC (Phoenix Contact)

HMI and Mimic panel can also be incorporated.

Automation For Material Handling

Sharptrax can deliver world class automation system solution for Material Handling.

  • Material handling or bulk material handling is a branch of engineering that deals in designing equipments for transporting materials in large quantities in a planned and effective way.
  • In simple terms material handling is all about creating the products that help in moving things from one place to another.
  • As technology is advancing day by day the techniques in material handling are also increasing.

HMI and Mimic panel can also be incorporated.

Automation For Interface

INTERFACE Cabling – System cabling and wiring interface

  • A wide range of automation devices are used for control processes.
  • Whether it is just a small system with few I/O signals or a complex power station that is being put into operation, what they all have in common is that the signals from the automation device must be connected to the field level in an industrially compatible manner.
  • INTERFACE Cabling offers two wiring variants, firstly the VARIOFACE system cabling and secondly the VARIOFACE wiring interface.

Plant Automation

This company specializes mainly in plant automation where there is a need in Material Handling. Pick and Place, Conveyor systems, Process control automation and other unmanned operations on application oriented process systems.

Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition(SCADA)

Sharptrax offers extensive facilities for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) to remote monitoring of your Plant or Machinnes. The recent technical revolution in digital communication in the instrumentation & process control along with our inspiring innovations in this. Fieldbus technology is revolutionizing the way companies automate their plants and factories. This all-digital, two-way communications system allows end users to achieve true distributed control, thereby freeing valuable plant resources for real-time production control.