At the cutting edge of technology and innovation, Sharptrax has gained immense experience in the field of Industrial Automation for more than one and a half decades. Thanks to our forerunners and team of engineers and technicians, we build close ties to customers and offer solutions that meet the most demanding standards of quality and performance.From concept and design to manufacture and installation, our professional, highly-skilled team strives to meet the critical requirements and specialized applications. As a real single source, Sharptrax specializes in Welding automation with vast knowledge and technical proficiency, hence gives you great advantages such as ease of operation, high quality, and higher productivity. In sincere observation and utility of the job, we design and manufacture mechanized and precise automated Welding Systems for PTAW, MIG, TIG and SAW processes.

We also offer PTA Torch, Torch weaving Unit, Turn Table unit as a stand alone module for your existing machine/applications.Our extensive service also plays major role in providing solution for Industrial Automation and Control Panels.

Our Products

Robatic Automation


Pull through welding Automation systems


Plasma Transfered Arc welding system